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Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Location: Entertainment Revue Studio
3401 Henderson Blvd Suite H
Tampa, FL 33609

**Groups are determined by grade you will be entering in the Fall of 2018. Must be at least 5 years old in August 2018 to audition.
***While our annual auditions are being held May 12th, we hold private auditions for those talented girls who are unable to make this audition day due to pre-existing commitments. If you are unable to make the annual auditions this year, please contact to set up your private audition day and time.


(Grade K-5) 10:00am - 1:00pm
Registration for girls in this age group is 9am.
** PLEASE NOTE: Arrivals after 10:00 will not be permitted to audition.

(Grade 6-12) 1:30 – 4:00pm
Registration for girls in this age group is 12:30 pm.
** PLEASE NOTE: Arrivals after 1:30 PM will not be permitted to audition.

** We will try to keep this schedule; however, we cannot predict how many girls will attend auditions, which has a direct effect on the extent of the day.
Attire: Workout Wear, Leotard, Shorts, Tennis or Jazz Shoes.
Audition Fee: $20 advance, $25 at the door per participant – Cash or Check made payable to ERFI.
This covers the expense of our reception, snacks, judge’s fees, postage, etc. Our group incurs approximately $2,000 in audition costs each year.


What to bring:
- Application (if not pre-registered), release of liability, and audition fee.
- Accompaniment CD (all candidates should prepare a 90 second vocal piece for their audition).
You may bring a CD to sing with or you may choose to sing a cappella.

**NOTE: Choose a song that best fits your voice. You will only be allowed 90 seconds and staff will be instructed to stop your song after the allotted time expires. If you would like to order an accompaniment CD you should try or call 919-460-7464 to listen to tracks over the phone. (They can also edit tracks to a desired time length). Another great way to find karaoke tracks is to search on iTunes. You simply type the name of the song you are looking for and type the word “karaoke” after it. It will pull up all the karaoke tracks available. You will be surprised to see how many karaoke tracks are available for only 99 cents.
Audition Activities: Candidates will be involved in several different activities which will include dancing and singing. Candidates will be grouped with other girls by age and will participate in group-related activities.


*Parents should drop off their child Saturday morning. Auditions are closed to parents and observers. Parents should return to pick up their child at the designated pick up time. The parking at the Outback center is very limited, so please park in the overflow parking lot located just south of Outback Restaurant on Henderson.
*We provide a snack for the girls along with several water breaks, so it will not be necessary to send a lunch.
*Our auditions are designed to make the girls feel comfortable and have fun. In the past, auditioning girls and their parents commented on how enjoyable the whole experience was. So relax and look forward to an exciting day!
*Girls will be moved from room to room throughout the day, so we recommend that they do not bring a purse or backpack unless absolutely necessary.
*Judges will evaluate each candidate on the following criteria: Vocal Quality, Vocal Range/Pitch, Movement, Ability, Showmanship, Energy, and Appearance (the appearance portion of the score does not refer to natural physical beauty, but rather to healthy-looking children who are neatly groomed and have an overall radiant appearance). 
NOTIFICATION – We will mail audition acceptances and rejections on May 15th. A “meet and greet” for new cast members will be held at our studio on June 2nd, with prior contact made via email. Camp dates are posted on our Cast Calendar. (Special consideration will be given to new cast members with prior extracurricular commitments.)



ER I - This cast is considered our professional cast. All cast decisions are made by Director, Cristalyn Stokes. Cast members must have participated in the Entertainment Revue organization for at least one year in order to be eligible. This cast should expect 20 – 30 shows per year and are required to sign a commitment contract. ERI will rehearse approximately ten hours monthly and most rehearsals will be held on weekends. Often rehearsals will be “marathon rehearsals,” which will last for 3-4 hours. This schedule is subject to change as shows are booked. Cast members are required to make the group their #1 priority. This group performs at least 20 shows per year. 

ER II - Cast members are selected by special invitation. Cast members must have participated in the Entertainment Revue organization for at least one year or place in the top 30 at our annual auditions. ERII will rehearse approximately nine hours monthly and most rehearsals will be held on weekends. Often rehearsals will be “marathon rehearsals,” which will last for 3 – 4 hours. Occasionally, a weeknight rehearsal will be required. This is considered a semi-professional cast and members must be prepared to handle the rigors of a professional rehearsal environment. This cast should expect 10 – 20 shows per year and are required to sign a commitment contract. This schedule is subject to change as shows are booked and cast members are required to make the group their #1 priority. This group performs at least 15 shows per year.

RAVE REVUE - This cast is an apprentice cast and is open to both new cast members and returning cast members. Rave Revue is a wonderful cast for those hoping to gain on-stage experience, but who are not ready for the demands or commitment level of ERI or ERII. Rehearsal is held 4 times a month for 2 hours – some months may have 5 rehearsals when the calendar permits. Regular rehearsals will be held on Monday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30. This schedule is subject to change as shows are booked and an occasional week night or weekend rehearsal may be required. This group performs at least six shows per year.



Following our annual auditions and the End of the Year Show, cast members will have a “meet and greet” session on Saturday, June 2nd at our studio to introduce cast members, group moms, and discuss the performance year! Our ER1 and ER2 casts will then experience an exciting “sleep away” camp where they will have team-building activities, intense rehearsals, and lots of FUN! Rave Revue will have a weekend bootcamp at our studio that is not “sleep away.” Rehearsal time, team-building activities, and a cast kick-off party will be tons of fun for our littlest songbirds! All three casts will then enjoy a summer break, with rehearsals resuming the week of August 12th. Exact dates of camps and breaks by cast can be viewed in the Cast Calendar link on our website.

Tuition - Tuition is paid year round and is due at the first of the month.
Monthly Tuition Rates -
Rave Revue $160.00
ERII $175.00
ERI $190.00
**30% discount given for siblings

 **Partial Scholarship awards are available for a small number of cast members. These awards are determined at the time of auditions for all new and returning cast members and decisions regarding these awards are made by the executive committee of our foundation. All scholarship recipients will be required to donate at least 30 volunteer hours per year, as well as participate in an annual fundraising activity. Additionally, scholarship recipients are expected to be reliable and enthusiastic cast members, and are expected to finish the year with no more than 2 demerits and with no “unexcused absences.” Scholarships are only awarded for one year and may or may not be renewed for the following season. All returning cast members should note that their previous years’ effort, attendance record, and overall enthusiasm and cooperation will weigh heavily on the renewal process. Camp fees and costume fees are required for all cast members, including those on partial scholarships.