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Tampa's elite performing group for girls that has redefined stardom, singing and dancing for over 30 years.

Prepare to be dazzled!

Auditions by ER


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Our show can be customized for any event!

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Some of the best moments captured for you to enjoy.

The Entertainment Revue Foundation is a unique performance group based in Tampa, Florida,

Our Mission

Entertainment Revue’s mission have been to develop exceptional performers and outstanding young women.

For over three decades, Entertainment Revue has been a beacon of talent development and female empowerment in the Tampa events scene. As a prestigious Tampa performance group, our mission is to shape not just extraordinary performers, but also outstanding young women who make a difference in the world.

Over 500 young women have had the honor of gracing our stages as ER cast members. Some have used this platform as a springboard to professional careers in music, while others have found success in fields such as medicine, education, and even the noble task of motherhood. Each pathway is a testament to the confidence, discipline, and ambition we foster in our performers.

At Entertainment Revue, we are more than a performance group; we are a giant family, a sisterhood bound by shared experiences on and off the stage. Our cast members forge lifelong friendships, carrying the lessons and memories from their time with us throughout their lives.

Join us and become part of the extraordinary tapestry that is the Entertainment Revue family. Experience firsthand the magic of our performances and the warmth of our community, and make your mark on the Tampa events landscape and beyond.

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