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Courtney Lopez

Assistant Director

Courtney Lopez is an accomplished individual with a passion for the performing arts. With a longstanding affiliation with Entertainment Revue, Courtney's journey began as a talented member of the group for an impressive 13 years, starting from the tender age of 5 and continuing until she turned 18. During her time as a performer, Courtney's dedication and talent caught the attention of the Director, Cynthia Nekvasil. Courtney has also made a name for herself as a professional model and actress. She has had the privilege of appearing in national commercials for renowned brands such as Disney, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Amtrak, and UCF. This multifaceted background has further enriched Courtney's journey, making her an invaluable asset as the Assistant Director of Entertainment Revue.

At the age of 15, Courtney took on the role of assisting Cynthia with the apprentice cast, showcasing her natural leadership abilities. Recognizing her immense potential, Courtney was soon appointed as the Assistant Director of Entertainment Revue. Even after graduating from high school, Courtney remained committed to the organization while pursuing a full-time degree in Integrative Animal Biology at the esteemed University of South Florida.

Driven by her love for animals, Courtney temporarily paused her involvement with Entertainment Revue to work as a veterinary technician. However, destiny had bigger plans for her. In the spring of 2022, she was personally approached by Bob Gries, who recruited her back to the Entertainment Revue Foundation to be the Assistant Director of his groundbreaking nonprofit project, Hits the Musical. The aim of this venture was to create a touring group similar to Entertainment Revue, spreading the joy of music and performance across the country.

Embracing this exciting opportunity, Courtney found herself on tour with Hits the Musical as the Assistant Director. The experience was nothing short of transformative and solidified her passion for working with Entertainment Revue. After the tour concluded in May 2023, Courtney knew deep in her heart that she wanted to continue her journey with ER.

Now, as the Assistant Director of Entertainment Revue, Courtney is thrilled to collaborate with the Director, Tina Robles, to create an extraordinary experience for the current generation of talented girls. It is worth mentioning that Tina, who played a crucial role in shaping Courtney's vocal abilities during her formative years, holds a special place in her heart. Courtney considers herself incredibly fortunate to have Tina's guidance once again, as they work together to make Entertainment Revue as memorable and impactful as it was for Courtney herself.

With her remarkable creativity, intelligence, and friendly nature, Courtney Lopez is the perfect fit for her role as the Assistant Director of Entertainment Revue. She is dedicated to ensuring that every performer's journey is filled with joy, growth, and countless unforgettable moments.

Courtney Lopez
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